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I want to use this forum to thank mr David for his patience and tolerance towards me and recruit for completing my stock program. I was able to change my friends eating habit using saladmaster cookware. I also made some few commissions selling to my friends.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1292207

The product is okay but you're a terrible person and you know it. We can tell because you're leaving a review acting like you're a customer.

There you go with your lying! I hope that the people you've lied to will realize this before you completely ruin their lives! Also you're a very rude person.

You should work on changing the way you talk or treat people. Your business is mostly networking so try to treat people with some respect.

to Lamont #1327387

Now the product is OK God help you!

Houston, Texas, United States #1292184

Are you kidding? You're living a positive review yourself but you know you are no good.

You lack integrity. You lie to people. You're rude and prude in you're dealings with people. The product is fine but your behavior is sickening.

You should work in changing your behavior. Stop it please.

to Maven #1327397

People like you who write such reviews about people.I think you should be able to come out and show yourself and stop hiding.only idiots do what you're doing now

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